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Who Is Powering
Australian Renewables?

Powering Australian Renewables is a leading established clean energy company.

We are the largest owner of wind and solar generation in Australia* with 807MW of assets in operation and under construction.

We are proudly Australian.

*Rystad Energy 2020

Our Vision

Powering a clean energy future for Australia.

We recognise that as we grow, leadership brings the responsibility to play a leading role in Australia’s energy transition.

Equity Partners

Independent investment manager owned by the Queensland Government with $76bn in assets under management.

Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, with more than $160bn under management.

Operates Australia’s largest the electricity generation portfolio and provides 3.95 million electricity, gas, and telecommunications services to its retail customers.

Our Assets

Operating Assets


Broken Hill Solar Farm

The Broken Hill Solar Farm was commissioned in December 2015 and has a capacity of 53MWAC from 700,000 solar PV modules. The solar plant occupies about 140 hectares of land just outside Broken Hill.


Nyngan Solar Farm

When built, this was the largest utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant in the Southern Hemisphere and remains one of the largest in Australia. It was commissioned in July 2015 and has a capacity of 102MWAC.


Silverton Wind Farm

The $450 million Silverton Wind Farm, located on NSW’s Barrier Ranges, was completed in 2020 and has a capacity of 199MW. It has 58 wind turbines with a hub height of 110 metres and a rotor diameter of 130 metres.

Under Construction


Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Located in Queensland’s Western Downs, the circa $850 million Coopers Gap Wind Farm will have a capacity of 453MW when completed in 2021. It has 123 turbines and will be the largest wind farm in Australia.